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  1. Curtis Gibby February 23, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    I like what you did with the review pages. One way to make it easier for the end user would be to add a custom WordPress field for the Amazon product ID (ASIN) and link to the specific Amazon product page rather than a keyword search. (The link would be something like this :{$asin}/thelitmot-20 )

    It’s an extra step for the reviewer/submitter to enter the ASIN, but if they’re getting their product images from Amazon anyway, it’s not too time-consuming.

    On the baseball book review on the homepage, I couldn’t find any results on Amazon for that book (either from your current link or through my own Googling), which was frustrating to me as a user — I was under the impression that I could buy it on Amazon, and I couldn’t. So if you implement the custom field mentioned above, you could hide the “Buy” link unless the custom field exists. That way you don’t have any frustrated would-be customers.

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